Meet the Badger - James Buttler


Host, Presenter, Broadcaster, Journalist and Cricket Badger

James  has been a cricket fan since he was knee-high to a cricket dressed as a grasshopper. 

A Yorkshire and England supporter, he loves everything about the sport. Well nearly - listen to the Podcast and you'll soon find out what annoys him. 

James has worked in the media since 2006 and loves talking about cricket on the Podcast with those he admires in the game.


What James says...

"I've loved cricket since I was a seven-year-old when my Great Uncle took me to my first game. To have been able to have worked for Yorkshire County Cricket Club and to then sit in press boxes around the world has been a genuine thrill.

"To have met some of my heroes, people I have admired greatly, has been incredible. That is why I set up the Cricket Badger Podcast. To satisfy my curiosity, speak on the record to superb players and I'm delighted people enjoy the Podcast."


Why the name Cricket Badger?

It is a term used a lot within the sport but still the question I get asked more than anything - why a cricket badger?

A cricket badger is someone who is steeped in the game, delves through books and records and digs as deep as he, or she, can.

It is often used as a jibe or insult to someone who is a cricket geek. James is happy to be a cricket badger and takes the name as a compliment.